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mangrove tunnels

I just returned from an amazing Gulf getaway as well as a blogging hiatus, and it’s great to be back. We’ve got so much to talk about!

Navigating Mangrove Tunnels

One of the highlights of my trip was kayaking in Sarasota Bay (pictured above). Our 2-hour tour included close ups with marine wildlife and paddling through mangrove tunnels. Although everyone in our tour group had some experience with kayaking, those experiences varied. Once all the kayaks were launched, our guide demonstrated three paddle techniques. Essentially, he shared how to move forward, stop, and maneuver. I loved that he only told us what we needed to get going, developing some confidence before he added more nuanced guidance (clapping emoji for this demonstration of great learning design!). He segmented our trip, sharing with us what we needed to navigate that leg. For some parts we paddled as a group formation while others we were allowed some leeway to explore.

Just before entering the mangrove tunnels, he offered some coaching. The first tunnel was easy. While narrow, the current nudged us along. Our guide’s timely advice just before entering the tunnel was top of mind streamlining the experience. Kind of like that, “Oh yea, I paddle mangrove tunnels with ease” feeling. But the second tunnel was a whole new level of paddling difficulty. Again, narrow (so you can’t use your full paddle arc) with the addition of riding against the current. I had to bring forward past experiences and what I had relearned that day about navigating to that moment. And I was still worried about making it through without a tow! But then our guide did this:

He positioned himself within the crux of a tough spot, coaching each of us through the most difficult point and encouraging us to finish strong.

A critical move on his part. And something that my blog can now offer you.

Navigating Education Strategy and Learning Design

Things have changed around here! Over the holidays we redesigned this site to feature a wider variety of content – from fundamentals to coaching. Take a moment to explore!

  • Home: We’re still content forward with my blog insights, but now offering links to additional online articles I’ve published, my event calendar, free featured resource, and direct access to what I’m sharing in social media. Just like my kayaking guide, I offer fundamentals and the nuances for extending your practice.
  • Learn: Bookmark this portal to online learning for learning pros. Explore curated online resources, my annotated bibliography, and share inspiring tips for great learning design. Coming soon: InspirEd eLearning. I’ll be offering full length courses as well as micro tutorials. These opportunities will be positioned in the crux of tough spots to coach your efforts to advance learning.
  • Value: This transformation is more than a make-over (but it does look pretty good doesn’t it 😉 ), it’s designed to offer you more access to more ideas and more resources so that together we can Advance Learning – bridging strategy and design to impressive results.

So glad you’re here.

Cheers ~



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