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Book Launch Coming August 7

So much big news at InspirEd!

I know it’s been mighty quiet on the blog front here at Advancing Learning, but here’s why: I’ve been devoting all my writing mojo to you in my new book, Competitive Advantage.

We’re launching the book August 7!

I wrote this book for learning pros like you who are in the trenches looking for a way to create a reliably profitable and sustainable learning portfolio that impacts learners’ lives.

I’ve heard you. Workforce disruptions, new technologies, and tight budgets place enormous pressure on professional association continuing education teams. Old learning formats and pricing models are failing. The risk of irrelevance is imminent as competitors step into the market creating targeted learning programs faster and cheaper.

Not to mention learner expectations are changing — what they want, when they want it, and how much they are willing to pay for it.

I have conversations all the time with pros like you who see the shifting landscape and deeply desire to pivot from reactionary tactics to strategic intention. And yet they wonder what investments to make with a limited budget to get sustainable results. Not to mention – what exactly is required to advance your competitive advantage?

Quick fixes may feel good, but don’t produce lasting results. I know what does. I’ve been working in those trenches alongside you, working with dozens of associations like yours concerned about meeting the needs of their evolving industry while remaining the content authority.  In my book, I’m now sharing the Education Enterprise framework I’ve developed exclusively for my clients.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • The kernel truths workforce disruptions reveal about how to position your learning programs in your market.
  • Common mistakes associations make managing their learning portfolio.
  • Key investments that will differentiate your programs from competitors.
  • Partnership opportunities that result in passive revenue streams.
  • And the elements of an education strategy that will future proof your association.

Bonus: Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your continuing education business with my powerful diagnostic Scorecard.

This is work a labor of love. I wrote this book because it matters. Because workforce development matters. Because professional associations matter. Because education is intended to be transformational, not transactional. Because we can do better, and I know the way.

So Stay tuned!

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