Planning For Peer Learning

How much time does interaction take?

Peer Interaction

A speaker recently reached out to me about an upcoming session he’s planning. Based upon his experience in one of my sessions, he really wants to be thoughtful about incorporating meaningful interaction to trigger reflection and peer learning. Exciting! He asked me a really practical question: During your session, you regularly had us (the audience) confer […]

Video Trends in Online Learning

In 2017 I’m contributing to the monthly Association Trends eLearning enews – direct to your inbox insights on what is trending in association digital learning. In our latest edition, I share how video is trending in online learning. By 2020, video is expected to account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic (Cisco). Couple that with the […]

4 Learning Brain Insights

Interview Snips from University of Wisconsin Madison

How does the learning process map to learning design? Should we be using more video in our training programs? What’s the secret of learning engagement? Curious? These were a few of the questions posed to me during an interview at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. And now you can check out four of the learning […]

Fatal Flaws That Will Doom Your eLearning Programs

We have such good intentions. We recognize the importance of offering eLearning to round out our training portfolio. We’ve set aside a pilot budget to get started. And we’ve established our “go live” goals. What could go wrong? So many things. Think of this fledgling eLearning program as a Tragic Hero from your college literature […]

Quickest Route from Idea to Action

If you’ve attended one of my sessions or shot the breeze with me about learning design, there’s a high likelihood the conversation took a turn into what it takes for new ideas to catch hold. I’m pretty passionate about it because a large percentage of breakout sessions, webinars, and eLearning courses are designed as information […]

Add an engaging title

When I open my blog editor the first prompt I see is “add an engaging title,” because we all know what happens to blog posts with boring titles… Same with eLearning course titles, conference sessions, or any piece of information, for that matter, competing in real time with the sum of everything in an electronic […]

Curiosity: 3 Ways to Spark the Learning Brain Bonus Zone

We now know that a layer of emotion enriches memories while they’re being formed and improves recall when we want access to that information later. Emotions like compassion or outrage or the type of hyper attention we have in a potentially dangerous situation trigger richer encoding. But what if the content we want to deliver has […]

Motivation Triggers: No More Carrots and Sticks

Reflect back on a time when you were coerced to accomplish something vs. accomplishing a goal because you were inspired to. The difference between “make this grade or fail” and “mastering this will improve my life.” The difference between “the fastest wins” and “I can accomplish this task how/when I desire by the deadline.” Which […]