Webinar Revolution

Insights from Association Chat

We had a great time on Association Chat this week contrasting what webinars have become with all the amazing things webinars could be – with the right strategy. Here’s a recap of the best insights. What’s happening vs. what should be happening The vast majority of webinars are boring, long, unidirectional, and clearly not designed […]

Ignoring Your Learning Portfolio Maintenance Light?

Time for a diagnostic!

Learning Portfolio Diagnostics

Last week I took my Rav4 in to the shop. Over the past few months an occasional squeak in the carriage has developed into a squeak and grind. I had no problem coming up with reasons to procrastinate: Stacked work schedule, kids finishing up the school year, a business trip, it’s probably not that bad, […]

Incremental Innovations: Evaluation Strategy

How to know you're moving the needle

incremental innovations

Welcome back! We’re buttoning up the Incremental Innovations series – 7 blogs featuring high yield steps lifted from my Education Success Scorecard’s 25 drivers to advance your programs. We’ve touched upon Mapping your content terrain and identifying your content priorities (activities included), Profiling your learners so you can target programs more effectively, Elevating your LX factor to transform and delight, Designing learning […]

MicroLearning: Quick Start Guide

We had a great session at Great Ideas in Colorado Springs talking about how microLearning opportunities can be threaded into our education strategy, bridging live and online learning events. Now that you’re inspired to incorporate microLearning, where do you start? If your organization is new to microLearning, a great place to start is designing learning […]

Framing Out MicroLearning

I mentioned in my previous post that there’s no unified definition of microLearning – which makes having a discussion about it difficult. I propose this definition: MicroLearning: Brief instructive nuggets contributing to a larger learning objective to prime, support, or extend learning; typically delivered digitally or on demand. How does that break down? Brief: Micro […]

MicroLearning: Is Byte Size the Right Size?

This month at ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference I’m presenting a session on folding microLearning into association education strategies. But is byte size the right size? Grovo says it is. I say, it depends. A micro history MicroLearning is an emergent format in learning design. We’ve been talking about “chunking” content for quite some time in instructional […]

Extend Your Conference Content

Our annual conference is our flagship education product. Naturally we want to maximize our investment and extend the reach of this great content. Unfortunately, most associations are doing it wrong. It’s time to forget about repurposing and embrace PURPOSING. But repurposing is efficient and responsible! Repurposing suggests we can efficiently reuse components of education that […]

Hybrid for a #WIN: Tips for Expanding the Reach of Your Conference from PCMACL

I attended PCMA’s Convening Leaders conference for the first time this year – from the comfort of my home office. PCMA invited members to participate in their CL Live hybrid experience for free which made registering a no brainer. Learning experience designers know full well the live learning environment and online learning environment differ so […]

Sharknado Conference Design: Tame the Fury

Are you facing a conference sharknado in your association? Let’s find out. 1. Is your conference content selection dominated by: a. Call for proposals b. Content curation 2. The learning objectives you collect from speakers are: a. Printed in the conference guide and/or app b. Used to design and assess sessions 3. The learning design of […]

Threaded Learning: Weaving Insights & Impact

Threaded discussions were big news back in the early 2000’s – a tech bridge to foster the experience of live classroom interaction online. The literature around these discussions highlighted some important features that have forever changed our eConversation expectations. Convenient: Learners are allowed reflection time and can respond any time of day within the discussion […]