Sharknado Conference Design: Tame the Fury

Are you facing a conference sharknado in your association? Let’s find out. 1. Is your conference content selection dominated by: a. Call for proposals b. Content curation 2. The learning objectives you collect from speakers are: a. Printed in the conference guide and/or app b. Used to design and assess sessions 3. The learning design of […]

Threaded Learning: Weaving Insights & Impact

Threaded discussions were big news back in the early 2000’s – a tech bridge to foster the experience of live classroom interaction online. The literature around these discussions highlighted some important features that have forever changed our eConversation expectations. Convenient: Learners are allowed reflection time and can respond any time of day within the discussion […]

Curation + Capstone = Engagement

We had a spectacular time at the ASAE Great Ideas Conference facilitating the Next Generation Learning track in Orlando this past week.  It was a treat to escape to the Orlando sunshine, but even more, fostering a conversation in the association professional development community about the leading edge of learning. Here’s a recap. NGL Faculty […]

End the Exile: Social Connection in Classrooms

Social connection is fundamental to who we are. In fact, according to Dr. Matthew Lieberman — the social experience is so principal to us that social pain and physical pain register similarly in the brain. In his book, Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect, Lieberman tells the stories behind the studies depicting the […]