An eLearning Developer’s Dream Come True

Developing interactive and immersive eLearning takes time. Powerful software tools like Storyline offer efficiencies for developing courses, but testing…

[Pause for collective sigh]

Testing across browsers and devices requires an extraordinary amount of time and patience. How a course functions in Chrome doesn’t necessarily matter in IE and Safari does it’s own thing. How your brilliant design functions on a laptop vs. tablet vs. device introduces it’s own complexities. And let’s not forget the added intensity of persona testing for membership organizations where pricing and features offered are different for members/nonmembers and even for different membership levels.

Late nights logging bugs, eLearning developers world wide ask: Isn’t there a better way?

Now there is!

Introducing Google Resizer.

Resizer allows you to test the breakpoints in your course across device types from one application.

Goggle: We’ve started to offer Material Design guidance around breakpoints, responsive grids, surface behaviors, and user interface patterns. Now with Resizer, we have a dynamic way to test out that guidance and help spur meaningful conversations between designers, developers, and stakeholders about responsive UI.

How it works: Input your custom course URL and select how you’d like to preview the course: desktop, tablet, smartphone.

If you’re using Resizer, I’d love to hear about your experiences.

Cheers ~

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