Portfolio Management to Boost Program Performance

Concerned about falling registrations? Making budget? Inconsistent performance of programs? Portfolio management and intentional content development can help you jump the ruts and drive program performance. Led by Tracy King, who is passionate about helping associations increase the relevance and revenue of their learning programs, this session will tackle one common myth and three essential practices required for breakthrough performance that will energize learners and spike participation.

Maximum Impact: Designing Learning That Lasts

The value driving program registration is impact–learning transformed into action that makes a meaningful difference to your members. This session will explore key considerations for learning design and program execution–like the neuroscience of acquiring new knowledge and behavior change–that will generate maximum impact. We’ll also discuss evaluation strategies necessary to demonstrate program effectiveness, so you can measure your splash. Tracy King, who brings 17 years’ experience in the education industry, will lead this session.

Date: March 1, 2017—March 3, 2017
Event: Learning Technology Design Conference
Topic: Maximum Impact: Designing Learning That Lasts
Venue: Tagoras