MicroLearning: Is Byte Size the Right Size

August 2 / 10:00 AM

Shrinking attention spans, downsized budgets, and compressed schedules are leading the stampede for more microLearning. But is byte size the right size for your content? In this session we’ll employ morsels and sips to understand how microLearning contributes to formal, informal and incidental learning. Don’t leave your nano content to chance. Leave with a strategy for how to use your bytes to get big learning results.

  1. Define microLearning and it’s essential role in curriculum
  2. Explore microLearning options and their design implications
  3. Collaborate on a sample microLearning strategy applied to real world cases

AR Disruption: New Realities for Learning Design

August 2 / 3:00 pm

Pokemon Go shattered records and triggered stampedes. It’s caused traffic accidents and inspired new forms of collaboration. While the Pokemon Go phenom was short lived, augmented reality (AR) will forever influence the up-and-coming generations’ expectations for digital interaction. In this session I’ll talk about emerging technologies and draw essential lessons we can utilize to strengthen digital learning design.

  1. Distinguish augmented reality from virtual reality
  2. Identify what emerging technologies tell us about the future of digital content
  3. Discuss opportunities for learning design innovation

Date: August 2, 2017—August 3, 2017
Event: Minnesota eLearning Summit
Venue: Normandale Community College
Location: Bloomington, MN 55431

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