LMS Disruption

What's next for learning content management

LMS Disruption

Corporate learning trend watchers like Deloitte and Elliott Masie have called for an LMS do-over, claiming current technology is ripe for disruption. Corporate and academic learning management systems simply are not agile enough to incorporate the best practices of design emerging from the learning sciences – let alone offer an excellent online experience. Learner’s expectations for how they want to interact with digital content have significantly evolved. So what’s the fate of the LMS? Going the way of the cassette?

In a guest post for Blue Sky Blog, I recently shared my thoughts on exactly what’s poised to disrupt the corporate LMS market – and why associations should get in on it. You may be surprised.

If you’re interested in discovering what tech is next for your organization, I’d be happy to help. Explore more at InspirEd.



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