LMS Engagement Pro Tips

5 Strategies to Spike Utilization

LMS Engagement

Your LMS needs TLC – to spike utilization enfold these LMS engagement pro tips into your digital learning strategy.

Welcoming UX

Think about all the ways you welcome members to your annual conference: Emails, notifications, mailings, signage in the airport, headquarter hotel, conference center, smiling staff answering questions and offering directional support… Associations invest in managing the conference experience from first impression through goodbyes but don’t apply the same intentional effort to their online learning portal.


  • What’s the tech profile of our average learner? Is our navigation welcoming or intimidating?
  • Is your portal home page scannable? Can visitors easily discern a next step?
  • How smooth is the log-in experience? How many clicks between learners and the content they’re after?
  • Can members quickly pick up where they left off or is it a scavenger hunt to find the content they’ve registered for?
  • Do you offer navigation aids when introducing new learning formats?
  • Are you tracking Behavior Flow so you can monitor what’s working and where obstacles lie?

Fresh Content

Nothing drives learners away faster than stagnating content. As soon as they sense your organization is not attentive to offering new content they’ll toggle to sites that are. Fresh content stokes FOMO and gives your marketing team lots to post about driving curiosity about happenings.


  • Some free and some for fee content. Free content is a gateway to investing in paid courses. Open the gate.
  • Some live and some asynchronous content. It’s exciting to interact live but learners also expect come-and-go learning they can fit into their own demanding schedules. Offer both and win.
  • Some micro, some mini, some mid-sized, some in-depth learning formats. The variety is welcome by your learners and a relief to content developers.
  • Deliver content strategically throughout the year mapping to industry cycles, career stages within the profession, and hot topics. Access my guide to developing a content strategy to shift from reactive to proactive content development.

Solve Problems

The unique advantage of online learning is it’s accessed within the context of practice. Capitalize on that! Offer content for the point of need, solving problems and offering skill building opportunities that can immediately be applied.


  • “Change my stars.” Adult learners value impact — which translates as change improving their status quo. Laser focus your learning objectives on solving problems and skill building.
  • Invest in understanding the micro moments you want to command, present in the time of need.
  • Offer case based scenario learning to practice solving problems AND receive feedback.
  • Offer job aids, practice tools, self-assessments, or guides to help learners transfer ideas into action.
  • Don’t just tell your target audience the courses are there, communicate the transformation you are offering.

Chainlink Content

One of the most unfortunate missed opportunities in online learning is treating (and pricing) digital content as one-off events. This Pro Tip will transform your relationship with learners: Forge connections between your content assets connecting the dots to what’s next.


  • At the end of a course, offer next step content – the next level, your next event, another course this learner might be interested in.
  • Chainlink online content extensions with place-based live learning, preparing before, between, and after digital learning opportunities and tools.
  • Offer a self-assessment that not only returns a report on results, but learning opportunities to address skill gaps.
  • Develop learning pathways with some required content and some choose-your-own-learning-adventure content.
  • Monitor keyword searches in your LMS so you can note trends in what your learners are looking for so you can either develop eLearning to meet that request or market what you have to address that need while it’s top of mind. Connect. The. Dots.

Dedicated Support

Thinking again about your annual conference, I highly doubt you put all the effort into planning that event and then press “launch” and allow it to freewheel on its own. You’ve designed a specific experience, so you manage each aspect to navigate onsite surprises toward that desired ideal. Your online learning experience requires the same dedication.


  • Assigning dedicated staff to oversee your LMS, processes, accesses, and standardization guides to manage the overall experience with your brand.
  • Ensuring learners can reach a person during business hours to troubleshoot issues. And if you offer an email address, make sure multiple staff have access and there’s protocol for triaging issues – whether technology, individualized support, content challenges, refunds, or escalating issues.
  • Assign dedicated staff and volunteers to intentionally build community. Community development requires investment. Not only make it part of your strategy but support it with people resources.
  • Charge your LMS lead with listening. Analyze the data in your LMS dashboard. Compile insights from evaluations. Pull keyword searches and track frequently asked questions. Collecting data is the first step. Using it will spike utilization — because you’ll naturally customize your online experience to your user’s needs.

Don’t allow your learning portal to become a deserted ghost town. Build an online learning engagement strategy incorporating these five Pro Tips to win the attention your eLearning deserves.

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