Magnetic eLearning Marketing Formula

Three-part strategy for getting the word out and causing a stir

eLearning Marketing

As you shift your focus from developing great content to getting the word out, you need an eLearning marketing plan that cuts through the noise. Promoting eLearning is different than place-based event invitations. The enduring nature of online content is both an advantage and a marketing challenge. Build momentum before, during and after launch with my three-part formula.


Kick it off early promoting your launch to build anticipation within your target market. Craft a click-worthy message that succinctly prioritizes the benefit(s) (vs. program features) from your learner’s point of view. Tell the story about how your program solves their specific need to whet their appetite for learning more. Subtitle with what’s new, unique, fun, free, or limited-time only. Offer eye candy that emphasizes the transformation this new program delivers.

Get In There

You’ve launched your program – Yay! Now let’s make sure to stir up a stampede to your learning portal. Start by offering a sneak-peek of the experience. A brief promo video or screen snip animation generates the kind of curiosity that propels learners to register. Highlight endorsements from respected leaders, early adopters, or your faculty about the amazing experience that awaits. And don’t forget to tease the take-aways — any tools, eBooks, checklists or valuable tips they won’t be able to get anywhere else. Your messaging should engender the response, “You get me! You really know me and what I need!”


Once you’ve launched and captured your first wave learners, a magnetic eLearning marketing plan shifts into phase three: generating fear of missing out. Use traffic to drive traffic by mining course evaluations for testimonials, impact statements, and satisfaction ratings. Did you know 88% of your industry peers who have completed “name of course” reported they now have confidence solving “y?” It’s your turn to see what they’re raving about! Continue to use screen snips and course tips to generate curiosity about your can’t-miss value. Keep the copy punchy and the call to action an easy yes.

eLearning Marketing Key: Our eLearning has to culminate in more than a credit and a good feeling. Messaging that relies upon filling CE requirements leads to feelings of gouging and resentment. Why? Because it’s perceived as an exchange of dollars for credits vs. dollars for value (efficiencies, effective practices, solutions, a change that matters to your audience). Center your messaging upon that value proposition and you’ll see a big difference in the stir you create around your content.


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