Measuring Learning Success

What's Your Data's Story?


How do you know your learning programs are successful? A meaningful evaluation strategy is much more than crafting a course eval template or running a report. In order to know whether your learning programs are meeting the mark, consider setting three levels of measurement: Strategy, Portfolio Performance, and Learning.

In a guest post for Blue Sky Blog, I recently shared my thoughts on sample measures organizations can use to monitor and assess how they’re doing against their objectives.

Key questions:

  • What are our strategic goals for our learning portfolio
  • What are our expectations of optimally executed learning programs?
  • Did learning happen?

Access the post for sample measures to consider.

Measure success by clarifying your vision for your learning programs. Then assess the opportunities to collect data before, during and afterward to map your efforts against your target. But don’t stop at data. Make time to listen to your data’s story and use it to make better decisions about your programs.

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