Pinning Down Engagement

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When implemented correctly, learner engagement should grow the participation, reach and value our education programs.

We know we want it – but how do we get it?

In a survey fielded by Aaron Wolowiec and myself to association professional development pros, the data revealed both a deep desire to increase learner engagement and a simultaneous feeling of overwhelm – not really knowing how to consistently trigger it.

We particularly heard the aches and pains in the community around coaching speakers to achieve engagement. Whether the issue was the volume of sessions, staff workload, a tough crowd (“scientists don’t do engagement”), or speakers resistant to feedback, many PD pros seemed resigned to the way things are simply because the perceived obstacles are too great.

I’ve got good news and even better news.

Good News: Learner engagement is not only possible, it’s accessible to you to consistently infuse in your programs now.

Even Better News: We heard you and have compiled a 40-page eBook with tools to jump start your journey toward intentional learner engagement.

Get started now. Here’s how:

  • Download your free copy of Engaging Learners: A Guide to Successfully Designing Engaging Learning
  • Discover common misunderstandings about engagement that lead to frustrating results
  • Gain clarity on what learner engagement is so you can intentionally trigger it
  • Take our Quick Start Guide and Learning Design Pro Moves back to your team to get the conversation started.

You can also get a behind the scenes take on the eBook project and extended material in our interview with Tagoras for the Leading Learning podcast.

And of course, feel free to reach out to me with questions. I’m in it to win it with you to design learning that makes a measurable difference.


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