Learning Design Resources

Free Tools and Inspiration for Learning Designers

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Tracy’s Tools: Selection of goodies I’ve developed for you

Resources to Explore: Assortment of design inspiration links

  • Check out the Articulate Community for elearning design tips, tutorials, and downloads.

  • How long does it take to create online learning? Here’s an academic perspective from University of MN and the Chapman Alliance‘s estimates which have become an industry standard.

  • Streamline your eLearning development with this comprehensive checklist by Flirting with eLearning.

  • How effective are your course evaluations? Audit your evals with Will Thalheimer’s Measurement Best Practices Audit tool.

  • Explore the four levels of measuring training effectiveness with Kirkpatrick.

  • Brainfacts.org is a site maintained by the Society for Neuroscience providing a rich repository of info on brain basics, neuromyths, and educator resources.

  • 99U is a favorite pit stop when I need a creativity jump start.

  • Dan Roam‘s books on presentations are just fun – so is his site.

  • Clean up your mess! A guide to visual design for everyone — even educators.

  • Get up to speed on color for your visual designs with this free color theory tutorial from TigerColor.

Publications & Blogs: Finger on the pulse of learning

  • My blog! I feature ideas you can use on education strategy, technology, and learning design.

  • Chief Learning Officer magazine features content from learning leadership to design to measurement. Follow them on Twitter for content updates.

  • Catch up on the latest in learning technology, strategy and industry news at Learning Solutions Magazine.

  • Bookmark Training Magazine for complementary webinars and articles on a vast array of topics.

  • Visit LearnTechLib for peer reviewed research on the latest in learning and technology.

  • CERI, the Center for Educational Research and Innovation is an international org dedicated to researching emerging trends. Be sure to check out their brain and learning resources and seminal publication Understanding the Brain: The Birth of Learning Science.

  • IMBES, International Mind, Brain and Education Society, is a great NeuroEducation resource – awesome MBE journal.

  • Journal of Interactive Online Learning

  • Journal of Educational Psychology is the American Psychological Association’s research journal pertaining to education. APA also dedicates a section of their website to education.

  • Medina’s Brain Rules — illustrated!

  • K. Anders Ericsson‘s key work on deliberate practice and mastery.

  • The Dana Foundation is always updating their NeuroEducation resource site. Find out how to participate in Brain Awareness Week, stop by their blog, check out the latest brain news.

  • Dorian Peters blog explores interface design – don’t miss her heuristics & strategies page. Her toolkit is fun too (be prepared to spend some time!)

  • Shift eLearning blog is a great place to pick up some tips and tricks.