Rise Above the Noise

Offering a new online learning program doesn’t mean your prospects are going to take you up on it.

My local grocer offers Lutefisk – but that doesn’t mean I will ever be interested in that.

If you’re offering online learning because your organization needs to “get something out there,” that’s a good instinct but you’ve likely prioritized format above purpose.

Successful, money-making, crowd stampeding online learning comes out of the gate with a strong value proposition. Purpose first. Let’s take a look at what that entails.

An effective value proposition is composed of four key questions.

Why you?

  • Why should I invest in your offering vs. another?
  • What’s the benefit of your brand?
  • Why are you uniquely qualified to offer this learning experience?

Why me?

  • Are you speaking to me directly or spraying this message across a larger crowd?
  • How has this learning experience been designed to meet my needs?

Why now?

  • How timely is this program offering?
  • Do you want me to purchase now because you are offering it now or because I need it now?

Why this?

  • Is this lutefisk an item on my grocery list?

I’m going to call a quick time-out to dig a bit deeper on this one.

Why this
In order to define your “why this” you need to ask yourself “What do our learners value?” Your learners may not be able to articulate it. You may have to be a sleuth to really understand it. This insight will catapult your eLearning success because of a subtle and powerful shift from prioritizing the channel of delivery (online learning) to what our target audience values (right content for the right audience as the right time).

We need to understand what our target audience needs online and why — that’s your Why This.

How do we do that?

  1. Define the future need – the gap that needs to be addressed by your learning experience
  2. Take a look at what the competition is offering to address this need
  3. Take a look at what you are currently offering to address this need
  4. Now define how eLearning uniquely addresses this need

See what just happened there? The central question is now: What is the best way we can reach our audience with this content priority — and how can eLearning best contribute.

There’s no retrofitting content into online learning here.

It’s a shift from just offering content online to utilizing digital learning to meet our objectives.

So ultimately, your Why This answers

  • Does this offering address what I value?
  • Is this the right content for me at the right time?
  • Is this online learning opportunity convenient and a good use of my time?
  • Will this experience make a difference within my context of practice? (i.e.: specifically addresses a need I have that can be met online)

Take the time to write a kick butt value proposition and build online learning programs that will not only rise above the noise, they’ll dominate your market.

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