Seizing Your Competitive Advantage

Your Future of Learning Strategy

Competitive Advantage

“I vividly remember taking centering breaths as the elevator descended to the lobby. My shoes clicked on the immaculate marble tile floors. Honestly, I felt like I was going to throw up. I was a seasoned professional but new to this association. I was tasked with a high-profile initiative – to create a complex online […]

Big news!

Book Launch Coming August 7

So much big news at InspirEd! I know it’s been mighty quiet on the blog front here at Advancing Learning, but here’s why: I’ve been devoting all my writing mojo to you in my new book, Competitive Advantage. We’re launching the book August 7! I wrote this book for learning pros like you who are […]

Budgeting for eLearning

Start Here: Select Your Learning Level

eLearning budget

When organizations reach out to me for a quote on eLearning design, the first question I often ask is: For what level of learning? If you’re not sure what that means, you’re in the right place. Your level of learning corresponds to your interaction expectations. Each level signifies different commitments to learning design, media production […]

Advocating for your eLearning Team

Get what you need to succeed

winning team

One of the frustrations I hear regularly from team members on the front lines of eLearning development is their leadership doesn’t really understand how the soup is made. This often results in arbitrary goals (we need 15 courses this quarter!) and misalignment of resources (because those laying down the goals don’t understand the talent, time […]

Side Hustle CE

What do you offer the contingent workforce?

The continued growth of the contingent workforce is transforming the professions we work in, but is professional development addressing this important shift? A recent report from the US Government Accountability Office estimates that just over 40% of the country’s workforce is made up of contingent workers and this is expected to grow to 50% by […]

Planning For Peer Learning

How much time does interaction take?

Peer Interaction

A speaker recently reached out to me about an upcoming session he’s planning. Based upon his experience in one of my sessions, he really wants to be thoughtful about incorporating meaningful interaction to trigger reflection and peer learning. Exciting! He asked me a really practical question: During your session, you regularly had us (the audience) confer […]

Pinning Down Engagement

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When implemented correctly, learner engagement should grow the participation, reach and value our education programs. We know we want it – but how do we get it? In a survey fielded by Aaron Wolowiec and myself to association professional development pros, the data revealed both a deep desire to increase learner engagement and a simultaneous […]

Innovation & Engagement Experience Rewind

Take-aways from the Meeting Planners Symposium

Meeting Planners Symposium

Association North’s Meeting Planning Symposium is all about stepping out on the leading edge to demonstrate what’s possible for association events. This year’s focus was engagement and the innovations we must embrace to level up our meeting experience. So many details woven throughout the day went unmentioned but contributed to an impressive experience: Several seating […]

Webinar Revolution

Insights from Association Chat

We had a great time on Association Chat this week contrasting what webinars have become with all the amazing things webinars could be – with the right strategy. Here’s a recap of the best insights. What’s happening vs. what should be happening The vast majority of webinars are boring, long, unidirectional, and clearly not designed […]

The Trouble with Trends

Genius Insights Behind eLearning Trends

Trends are tricky. Often, instead of being The Thing, they are signals of The Thing. This is supremely true with eLearning trends. It’s fun to preview new software and fun formats for learning, but if we don’t understand the critical shifts that these trendy tools signal, we’ve completely missed the point. Technology is just the […]